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Support Services From Experienced Professionals

We offer technology solutions to social service agencies and public sector organizations, enabling them to prioritize their mission of serving others.

Training and free technical support to get the most out of our software


Get started with one of our implementation specialists, ready to tailor the software to meet your organization’s needs.



We offer training sites free of charge, enabling you to train new team members and non-participating agencies.


Boost your effectiveness and achieve your goals by leveraging the expertise of our dedicated support team.


Quickly get started and up to speed

We’ll get you set up as quickly as possible, tailoring our social service software to your current processes.

Achieve the best results

Lay the groundwork for accurate data analysis and get reliable insights in the future.

Project Management

We are committed to delivering consistent, dependable, and dedicated support to help you achieve success.

Choose your service plan

Choose a pricing package that works for you. Our support team is available to assist you whenever necessary.

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Learn from the Experts

Learn from our tech experts who are also available for consultation or any other customer questions.

Get Your Team Onboard

Educate employees to learn the skills that are crucial for their respective positions.

Interactive Training Sessions

Our trainings are engaging and hands-on so you get familiarized with the system by participating in interactive activities.

Learn Best Practices

Empower your team to improve their processes by learning from our social services experts.

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Multiple Contact Options

Choose your preferred method to reach our support team from our dedicated email and phone lines to online chat.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

We have a team of dedicated support specialists dedicated to providing prompt solutions to any inquiries you may have.

Intuitive and User Friendly

Our in-app email support feature is designed for your convenience, allowing you to contact with a support specialist.

Emergency Support

For assistance outside regular hours or in emergencies, feel free to reach out to us via our dedicated after-hours support hotline.

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