Human Services Industry Software

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Bell Data Systems develops software specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of the human services community. Our products are all designed to work together seamlessly so that multiple human service providers within a community can use and share information on one system.


Our Client Services Network (CSN) web based application is a flexible case management system. When CSN is paired with one or more additional modules, it becomes a tool capable of managing an agency's entire operation. Available modules include HMIS - Homeless Management Information Systems,  Domestic Violence Services and Shelters,  Homeless Shelter Management, Donor Tracking,  Scheduling,  Veteran Services and more,  most likely CSN has a module to satisfy your needs.


 When we work with a community, we do not see ourselves as simply a  software vendor, we see ourselves as a partner. We  know the success of our business rides not only upon the capability of our  software, but also upon our service after the sale. Talk to our customers and  they will tell you that Bell Data Systems truly cares.