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Subscription-Based Partnership Pricing

Our pricing model is built on collaborative relationships and is applicable to social services organizations of any size and designed to support your growth and impact.

How Is the Partner Plan Priced?


Includes a monthly telephone meeting plus 4 hours/month of what would otherwise be billable work.


Includes bi-weekly telephone meetings plus 8 hours/month of what would otherwise be billable work.


Includes a monthly telephone meeting plus 16 hours/month of what would otherwise be billable work.

Software Licensing

Flexible Licensing

We offer an annual subscription model that allows concurrent users without any extra charges for individual user accounts.

Comprehensive Support

We offer standard technical support, with advanced support available through our partner plan.

Expert Implementation

We collaborate with agencies nationwide to ensure the successful implementation of any of our social services software modules.

True Partnership

We aim to go beyond being merely a software provider. Our goal is to partner with you in attaining success.

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Support Included

Support Included

When you purchase a license, you can expect to receive basic technical support as part of the package.

What's Not Covered

Technical support does not cover errors on customer generated pages or reports, data research, poor quality data entry practices, etc.

What's Covered

Technical support including programming and software compatibility issues, errors on multiple workstations, etc.

Get Help When You Need It

Our team of technical support professionals is available to assist you in promptly resolving any problems or concerns you may have.

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