Bell Data Systems licenses most of its products on an annual subscription basis. Customers using Bell Data Systems products pay an annual user license fee based upon the expected number of concurrent users not the number of user IDs created. The annual license fee includes free technical support and free software upgrades as they are released.

Our base pricing is currently $2,375 for a five user license package. Licenses are only issued in packages of five. A five user license pack allows five people to be logged into the system at the same time. You are allowed to set up more than five user ID's. In fact, for security, each user is required to have his/her own user ID. If you are currently sharing user ID's, you may be in violation of HUD and HIPAA security and privacy laws.

As an example, an agency with four full time employees and 11 volunteers that work occasionally nights and weekends, would probably only need a 5 license package, even though they have 15 workers. Most likely, at any one point in time, no more than 5 people will need to be signed into the system.

If you are part of a multi-agency Continuum of Care, licenses can be shared. Each agency is not required to purchase 5 licenses each, but must be assigned a minimum of two licenses. For example, you have a small three agency CoC. One agency needs 4 licenses, the second needs 3 licenses, and the third needs 2. In total, the CoC only needs 9 licenses. Since licenses are only sold in packs of 5, the CoC would purchase two 5 packs (for a total of 10 licenses) and share the licenses.

In addition to cost of user licenses, there are other charges for initial set-up, training, needs analysis, customization, custom report generation, travel, and such. Here is a breakdown of these costs:

Customization : $150 per hour minimum 1 hour per work order.

Report/PDF/Word Document : $250 to $1,500 based upon complexity.

Training : Administrator, User, Train-the-Trainer, or Report Writer
Onsite Half day 3 hour class $450
Remote 2 hour session $300

Needs Analysis : Necessary for customized solutions.
Onsite Half day up to 3 hours $450
Remote 2 hour session $300

Travel : Billed at estimated cost.
When setting up multi-agency continuums, Bell Data Systems will schedule onsite visits to minimize travel costs.

Travel Time : Travel to and from client sites for development or training is billed at $50 per hour.

Set up : Usually 50% of license fee, starting at $2,000. Prices vary based on customization needs.
Involves deployment of CSN application onto Bell Data Systems server, implementation of security protocols, populating database with customer specific list elements.

Data Conversion & Import
Basic - Bell Data Systems will supply a Microsoft Excel Import Template. The Customer is responsible for entering data into template and submitting completed import file to Bell Data Systems. $150 per file
Advanced - Client to provide Flat file or Excel file with client data from existing system(s). Bell Data Systems will map fields to CSN and attempt to "clean" data prior to importing records. $150 per hour based upon actual time.

Technical Support : No additional charge.
Technical support relates to determining and correcting issues with an application that are a result of programming and/or software compatibility issues. Technical support would include such things as not being able to connect to the CSN server, errors that occur on multiple workstations, errors when trying to run a Bell Data Systems created report, etc.
(Technical Support does not include supporting, researching, or correcting errors due to client customization, client generated reports, or data entry errors. For support with these issues please see our Partner Program.)

Hosting : The concurrent user license fee includes hosting on a shared dedicated secure server for individual agencies or agency groups of up to 50 user licenses. Individual agencies or agency groups with over 50 user licenses will be migrated to or implemented on an independent dedicated server managed by Bell Data Systems. The cost of the server and required third party software, SSL certificates, domain names, etc. will be the responsibility of the customer and will be quoted upon request.

Bridges / Interfaces : Involves the development of bridges or interfaces to allow the CSN application to send or receive data from third party applications. $150 per hour based upon estimated time required to complete.

Bell Data Systems Partner Program : Provides customer support for all aspects of licensed Bell Data Systems Products as well as training, custom report writing, and general agency consulting. See Partnering for Success

We currently offer three Program Levels which only vary in price and frequency of sessions:
Level 1 - Weekly 1 hour working sessions - $5,200 per year.
Level 2 - Bi-weekly 1 hour working sessions - $2,600 per year.
Level 3 - Monthly 1 hour working sessions - $1,200 per year.

Pricing Examples: We have prepared a .pdf file showing three typical pricing examples for the use of Bell Data Systems products. Click on the link to view the examples: Pricing Examples PDF

**Prices subject to change**