Electronic Signature Capture
BELLDATA introduces the ability to integrate electronically signed documents into their Client Services Network case management system. Through the use of a signature pad and e-signature capable forms, application users can now obtain end user electronic signatures without printing a single sheet of paper.

Electronic signature capture technology can be found in most retail stores where point of sale machines capture a customer's signature for credit card authorizations. The technology is now gaining wide acceptance in the health care and insurance industries as well as in human resource management across industries.

To meet the needs and demands of our client's, Bell Data researched electronic signature capture devices and software. While there are a number of signature capture manufacturers, we ultimately settled on signature pads and software available from Topaz Systems, Inc. As with our Bar Code Reader Technology, and our ID Card system, we wanted to find a cost effective system that is secure as well as easy to implement and maintain. Topaz Systems offers a number of signature pad products (starting around $100) that come with a suite of security software to protect the authenticity of the signature and prevent the signature from being copied to other documents.

Topaz SigPlus signature capture software with proper use and without modification, is compliant with Federal and state handwritten digital signature regulations including compliance with FDA regulation 21 code, Part 11, section 11.50, and state regulations such as CA 220002(b)(4)(A) and (B).

What is electronic signature capture and how will it benefit me?
Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature. The use of this technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents. In addition to savings in overhead costs, digital signature technology speeds business processes and improves productivity.

How much will it cost to implement?
Implementation costs can vary widely depending upon the number of signature pads needed, the type of signature pad used, and the number of forms in which you need to incorporate an electronic signature. Signature Pad Technology is included as part of every CSN subscription, but there my be additional one-time costs related to developing custom forms integrating an electronic signature. Call us for more information.