Bell Data Systems wants to be more than just a software provider for our clients. We want to be their partner and their one stop shop for getting the most out of their software.

Our Bell Data Systems Partner Plan introduces a whole new level of customer service. Instead of just being your software vendor, we become a partner in making sure you get the most out of your CSN application. From assisting with report generation and data screen development, to analyzing your data and helping find data entry errors, we partner with you to make sure your system is functioning to its fullest and giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Many of our customers have seen the positive benefits that come from Partnering with Bell Data Systems. From weekly or bi-weekly work sessions to additional training, to custom reports, they know that Bell Data Systems is there to help them when they need it.

If you are looking to implement your first HMIS system or looking to replace an existing HMIS, look for a vendor that is not just selling software, but has the service after the sale to make your implementation a success.

How is the Partner Plan different from Technical Support?
Technical support relates to determining and correcting issues with the CSN application that are a result of programming and software compatibility issues. Technical support would include such things as not being able to connect to the CSN server, errors that occur on multiple workstations, errors when trying to run a Bell Data Systems created report, etc. Technical support does not include helping with errors on customer generated pages or reports. It does not include helping to balance HUD reports due to poor quality data entry. Technical support does not include generation of custom pages or reports.

Why do I need a Partner?
Unlike products like Excel or QuickBooks, which you could easily find a local person or company that can help you with software support, HMIS and Human Services software packages are highly specialized and offer few local support options. Our Partner Program gives you the resources necessary to get the most out of your software.

Is the Partner Plan required?
Yes and No. For all implementations, we recommend taking advantage of the Partner Plan for the first year. However, the Partner Plan is only required for the first year on implementations of more the 15 licenses. After the first year, the Partner Plan is not required for any size implementation.

How is the Partner Plan priced?
Our Partner Program is priced to save you money. In fact, the Partner Program is priced 33% less than our regular billing rates.

We currently offer three Program Levels which only vary in how often we work together:
Level 1 - Includes weekly 1 hour telephone conference.
Level 2 - Includes bi-weekly 1 hour telephone conferences.
Level 3 - Provides monthly 1 hour telephone conferences.

The current pricing for each level can be found on our Pricing Page.

What can be accomplished during the telephone conferences?
You would be amazed at how much can be accomplished in an hour when decision makers are on the line. During the hour we can work with you on fine tuning the CSN System to work for you, we can provide additional ad hoc training, we can develop custom reports or data entry screens, we can even assist you with Agency issues unrelated to CSN. During the session, you are free to pick our brains so to speak. We work with Agencies across the country providing various services. You can use our experience in working with these Agencies to help you solve issues you may have in your own agency. As an example, we recently helped a large Continuum of Care revamp the way they handled their Point-In-Time PIT count procedures. The CoC expects to save countless hours, not only during the count, but after the count summarizing the data. Like we said, we want to be your Partner not just your Software Vendor.