Client Services Network Module List

Module items can be mixed with other module items.

  • General Information
  • The module list below is not all inclusive. We are constantly developing modules for various types of government units or social service agencies. If you have a need that does not appear to be covered in the modules listed, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs.

    Unless stated otherwise, all of the modules are included in the CSN Annual User License Fee and each agency can determine which modules they wish to activate. Only activated modules will appear on menus within the application.

  • Standard Client Case Management
  • This module is standard for all social service applications tracking individual client data. It allows an agency to collect client demographics, program specific data, and client service data.

    • Demographics
    • Client Photograph
    • Household Member Photographs
    • Address History
    • Program Entry/Exit
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Program Assessment
    • Program Outcomes
    • Referrals
    • Services Requested
    • Precipitating Problems (Reason for Services Requested)
    • Special Needs
    • Prior Living Situation
    • Direct Financial Services
    • Non-Financial Services (with and without Case Notes)
    • Case Notes
    • Goals/Case Plan
    • Household/Family Members
    • File/Client Follow-up Reminders
    • Detail and Summary reports for above data
    • Image Capture, Client ID Cards, and Bar Code Scanning
    • Electronic Signature Capture
  • The HUD HMIS module is designed to capture HUD's latest required data elements, which are not already collected in the Standard Client Case Management module. This information is necessary to generate the HUD Annual Progress Report (APR), HMIS APR, AHAR, HUD PIT, ESG CAPER, PATH Annual Report, Chronically Homeless Report, HUD Data Quality Reports, the latest System Performance Report as well as various other reports that can assist you in any Grant and CoC Applications. Both our ESG CAPER and System Performance Reports generate a ZIP file for easy upload. Also included is our Full, HIC, SSVF and RHY Export Files. Various Errors Reports accompany our mandated HUD Reports to facilitate better data and reporting.

    Our reports are designed as ready-to-file. It will match HUD screens and are easy to follow. They also include hyperlinked detail reports for each section in the report to help verify and trouble-shoot data entry errors.

    With the new focus on Coordinate Assessment we also offer the SPDAT Survey Forms with Client Referrals to other agencies. Each Coordinated Assessment Module is customized to fit the needs and operational procedures in the CoC where it is implemented.

    We are fully HMIS compliant with the latest HMIS HUD 2014 Data Standards, annual Federal Partner Critical Changes and all HMIS Reporting.

  • Medical
  • The Medical Module captures current and historical medical, dental, and medication information. This also includes treatment history.

  • Medical Services
  • The Medical Services module assists in the administration of programs such as medical referral, prescription assistance, HCRA, in-home care, and indigent burial.

  • Mental Health
  • The Mental Health module captures current and historical mental health issues, psychiatric admissions, treatment, and medications.

  • Substance Abuse
  • The Substance Abuse module captures current and historical substance usage, abuse assessments, treatment history, medications, and drug testing.

  • DV Victim Services
  • The Domestic Violence Victim Services module captures partner information and consulting services provided. The module also includes lethality, safety plan, and child safety plan assessments.

  • DV Abusers
  • The Domestic Violence Abusers module captures victim information, program attendance, payment schedule, and payments received.

  • The HIV/AIDS HOPWA module tracks facility / unit assignments, subsidy amounts, HIV/AIDS program assessment, and generates a formatted ready to file HOPWA APR.

  • Brief Contacts/Information and Referrals
  • The Brief Contacts / Information and Referrals module is a tool used to identify available social service resources within a community. The module also captures the type and number of non client referrals to third party service providers and has a mechanism for follow up with non-clients to determine if needed services were obtained.

  • Emergency and Transitional Shelters
  • The Emergency and Transitional Shelters modules provides the tools necessary to manage shelter operations. Functions include: bed assignment and availability, locker assignment and availability, fee billing and collection, incident reporting, chore/work assignments, leave requests, drug testing, fire drill testing log, and staff rounds log.

    CSN is also capable of Emergency Shelter Reporting ESG under Title IV of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act

  • Appointments
  • The Appointments module is designed to used by agencies that schedule appointments with both clients and non-clients. Features of the module include: central administration, central check-in, establishing fixed standard schedules by staff member(ie: standard days / times of service, breaks, lunches, staff meetings), ability to schedule staff vacation, and the ability to review all staff availability by day / time.

  • Employment-Training-Education
  • The Employment-Training-Education module includes a variety of functions related to assisting clients in finding employment or improving their job skills through training and education. The module tracks the clients employment history, job skills, job training, and education. The module also tracks medical certification related to the ability or lack of the ability to work for medical reasons.

  • Funds Management (Direct or Emergency Assistance)
  • The Funds Management module is designed to manage and track direct or emergency assistance funds disbursed directly to clients or to service providers on behalf of clients (rent assistance, utility payments, etc.). The module provides real time funds balance reporting to determine funds available to disburse by program.

  • Program Eligibility
  • The Program Eligibility module is designed to capture current and historical client financial information to determine eligibility for various programs. The module takes into consideration assets, income, loans, expenses and calculates medial income and poverty status. Income information at entry, interim, and exit is capture to measure client progress.

  • Legal
  • The Legal module tracks client information related to past and current legal issues including: arrest and conviction history, victim of crime information, probation and parole, juvenile justice, and current legal issues including restraining orders.

  • Juvenile Justice
  • The Juvenile Justice module tracks client progress through juvenile justice system including: victim information, parent / guardian, judgments, restitution, probation, and case plan and goals.

  • Donors
  • The Donors module tracks financial and non-financial donor information including donor contact, financial contributions, non-financial contributions, and fund raising campaigns.

  • Volunteers
  • The Volunteers module is tracks volunteer information including: contact information, availability, volunteer areas (office, food service, fund raising, etc.), time tracking, and expense and mileage reimbursement.

  • Contracts
  • The Contracts module is designed to assist with the management of financial assistance contracts to service providers. The module tracks: agency / facility information, contract details and requirements, budgets, disbursements, expenditures, demographics, and outcomes.

  • Community Support and Planning
  • The Community Support and Planning modules is designed to track participants and projects within multi-agency community groups. The module tracks: community support contacts, project summaries, implementation tasks, and ongoing maintenance.

  • Housing Services
  • The Housing Services module is designed to assist in the placement of clients into permanent housing or improvements to sub-standard housing. The module incorporates three housing related functions: management of housing improvements and weatherization contracts, down payment assistance and loan tracking, and client assessment and placement into permanent housing.

  • Documents
  • The documents module is integrated through the CSN application. The purpose of the documents module is to export information from CSN into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe PDF documents. Various modules within CSN come with printable versions of various federal forms including the HUD APR, the HUD AHAR, and over 50 veterans services documents. Since most states and some local jurisdictions require reporting on certain forms, BELLDATA works with out clients closely to develop the necessary merge documents or reports.

  • Foster Grandparents / RSVP Program
  • The Foster Grandparent module assists in the management of a foster grandparent program. The module tracks volunteers and hours as well as the children within the program.
    The RSVP or Retired Senior Volunteer Program tracks participants and those businesses or facilities utilizing RSVP volunteers.

  • Work Place Mentoring for Cognitively Disabled and Physically Handicapped
  • Our work place mentoring module is designed to assist those agencies that provide direct one to one and one to multiple mentoring programs for youths or adults with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities. The module provides for ongoing assessments, goal setting, and reporting. As with other modules, this module can be customized with your agency specific goal and assessment criteria.

  • More On The Way
  • As we work with more governmental units and not-for-profit agencies, we will encounter new and various programs. After we have developed, tested, and implemented modules for these new programs, we will make them available to CSN subscribers. If you have a need for software that we do not currently offer, please give us a call.