BELLDATA's Client Services Network (CSN) application is a browser-based fully integrated client tracking and case management system with full HMIS functionality and reporting.

The CSN application is designed to be scalable, flexible, customizable, shareable, and expandable.

Scalable: CSN effectively handles the case management and HMIS needs of all types and sizes of social service agencies, from a single agency to large diverse Continuums of Care, from a single user to well over 200 concurrent users.

Flexible: The software can be configured as a complete client tracking and case management system or it can be set up to simply gather the minimum data elements required by HUD for an HMIS and for required reporting. The product is flexible in that is uses a modular approach to development. Modules make it possible for the system to be used effectively and efficiently by many types of agencies including, but not limited to, homeless shelters, domestic abuse programs, direct assistance agencies, training and rehabilitation, physician referral, and more.

Customizable: No two social service agencies work exactly the same way. With most case-tracking and HMIS systems, the agency has to change the way they do business to match their inflexible software. This is not with CSN! CSN can be configured and customized to meet the needs of the end user. The software can be tailored to follow an agency's existing intake and processing workflow.

Shareable: When CSN is implemented within a Continuum of Care (CoC), client information entered by one agency with client consent can be shared with other agencies within the CoC. Several levels of sharing can be set within the application to allow sharing with all agencies, select agencies, or no agencies. Additionally, the application allows for record and program level sharing or blocking depending upon the client's consent.

Expandable: With so many modules available serving diverse social service needs, we have seen our customers' CoC's grow after implementing CSN. The ease of use and the ability of the software to work for so many different agencies helps to bring the whole community together for true coordination of services. (Full Module List)