Image Capture, Client ID Cards, and Bar Code Scanning
BELLDATA's Client Service Network case management software now integrates a Community Services ID card solution paired with industry standard bar code readers to offer customers another option for processing client's and data.

The CSN Community Services ID card provides a fast and efficient way to both track and monitor services provided to clients within a community. A simple scan of the bar code provides instant access to client information, services, or history based upon the users security level within CSN.

The ID cards also facilitate coordination of benefits. When part of a CoC, ID cards issued in one agency can be read and used to identify clients and access vital records in other CoC agencies. Additionally, batch entry capability allows for quick “check-in” for such services as meals, shelters, or training classes.

The unique system-generated ID# assigned to each client can be scanned or entered manually so that agencies without barcode readers can benefit from the use of the ID Card.

Implementation is simple and cost effective running around $250 for hardware. Each agency needs at a minimum, a digital web-cam and a Wasp barcode scanner (WCS3900). The ID cards are printed on Avery Self-Laminating Cards (#5361) using standard laser or inkjet printers and cost less than $1 each.